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All Protect-An-Acre Grants

Bi-National Coordinating Committee of the Achuar Nationality of Ecuador and Peru (COBNAEP)
$5,000 to support the Achuar people in Peru to hold an assembly with their official federations and representatives of 40 Achuar communities to pass an official declaration to clarify the Achuar peoples’ opposition to any oil development on their land.
Defense and Ecological Conservation of Intag
$3,000 to support a legal defense fund and community-based campaign to prevent Ascendant Exploration from mining in the cloud forests of the Junín area in northwestern Ecuador.
Hupacasath First Nation
$2,000 to support the Hupacasath’s lawsuit challenging the Canadian government’s order allowing Weyerhaeuser to log, without consultation, on the community’s traditional territory on Vancouver Island.
Amigos da Terra – Amazonia Brasileira
$1,600 to allow FOE Amazonia to hire an additional staff person for four months to carry-out a campaign in Brazil pressuring Petrobras to withdraw its plans to build a road through Yasuni National Park in Ecuador.
Maya Ecological Literacy Project
$3,000 to bring together 30 elders in the Ecological Reserve of the Ejido Tres Garantias region in the Yucatan peninsula for a gathering where they can openly discuss the problems they are facing from rapid development by government and multi-national corporations and where they can formulate a plan of action to protect the region, one of the most biodiverse in the world.