Grants in South america

Organization of the Yawanawa Extractivist Reserve of Rio Gregorio
$7,500 grant to support a Yawanawa community in the Rio Gregorio region of Northwestern Brazil’s sustainable cultivation of urucum and the small-scale marketing of the plant in the local region to help the community achieve greater economic self-sufficient and independence.
Amazon Defense Front
$3,300 to strengthen a campaign against Texaco, including supporting grassroots organizing around a groundbreaking lawsuit against the company and monitoring and enforcing its commitments to clean-up the hundreds of open toxic waste pits and polluted rivers caused by its operations in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
Traditional U'wa Authority and the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC)
$8,000 grant in support of a project to defend U'wa land from proposed oil drilling, including several workshops on oil exploration in the Colombian Amazon, demarcation of U'wa land, and an appeal to the Colombian Government to reverse the decision allowing drilling on U'wa land.
National Interprovincial Achuar Federation of Ecuador (FINAE)
$3,500 for a grassroots organizing and media campaign, and coordination with national and international organizations to create a powerful joint effort to stop oil exploration on Indigenous territories.
The Metareilá Organization of the Suruí People
$3,500 to support an assembly for local communities, NGOs, and government officials to discuss a series of new development projects being proposed that threaten the western region of the Amazon.