Grants in Africa

The Nigerian NGO Coalition for the Environment (NGOCE)
$5,001 to support NGOCE's campaign to protect the Cross River rainforest, the 2nd largest intact forest in Africa and a critical hotspot of biodiversity, through community organizing and the implementation of economic alternatives to logging and bush meat hunting, such as grasscutter, mushroom and snail farms, honey cultivation and the development of soaps and detergents from oils found in forest trees.
Citizens for Environmental Safety
$1,583 to help local communities of the Cross River State with education and resource management training to help address the problem of deforestation, including establishing 30 Community Development Volunteers from 10 different communities.
$5,169 towards efforts to protect 2,500 hectares of the last remaining forests in central Cameroon, the protection of the only river providing water to Bougnougoulouk and neighboring villages, the protection of wildlife of the Bougnougoulouk forest from poachers, and the halt of the desertification process of Central Cameroon.
Friends of the Nation
$6,000 to help stop logging in a sacred Sekyere Hemang Grove and to repair local deforested areas through an agroforestry project.
$5,017 to support ABGREMO’s campaign to protect mangroves by educating and working with local communities about the important of mangroves to the local economy and through the formation of Community Mangrove Forest Management Committees (CMMC) in pilot communities.