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Grants in South America

Traditional U'wa Authority
$10,000 general support grant for the U’wa in their continued non-violent resistance to oil development on their land.
Grupo de Trabajo “Racimos de Ungurahui”
$600 to support the travel of Racimos Director Lily La Torre Lopez and a small team of lawyers and scientists to a meeting of the Achuar people to offer information and technical assistance to the community in support of their resistance to a new pipeline which is planned through their traditional land.
Machiguenga Council of the Urubamba River (COMARU) and Interethnic Development Association of the Peruvian Rainforest (AIDESEP)
$5,000 to fund an emergency project to carry out a critical analysis of the Environmental Impact Assessments for the upstream and downstream sectors of the Camisea gas project and to distribute the study’s results to Indigenous communities and organizations located in the impact area of the project in order to promote an informed and participative consultation process.
Acción Ecológica
$5,000 to enable Acción Ecológica to pursue several strategies to resist the construction of the OCP pipeline, which would pass through 11 protected areas, including the Mindo Nambillo Cloudforest Reserve, home to 450 bird species, 46 of which are threatened by extinction.
National Interprovincial Achuar Federation of Ecuador (FINAE)
$5,000 to enable the Achuar to obtain a laptop computer, video camera and digital camera to be used to document the community’s resistance to resource extraction on its traditional territory.
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