Gifts of Stock

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Gifts of stock or real estate

A gift of stock, real estate or other appreciated assets can be particularly tax savvy! For example, You can donate a gift of stock without having to convert it to cash first. By giving a gift of stock to RAN, you can avoid capital gains tax on its increase in value since purchase. Your charitable deduction will be equal to the full market value of the stock.

Whether your assets are substantial or modest, you can make a difference in RAN's work to protect the rainforest and their inhabitants. Invest in RAN with your gift of stock. Save the rainforests and reduce your taxes at the same time!

To make a stock gift to RAN please click here to download a form that you can fill out and forward to your broker. Please let us know by email when you make a stock gift to RAN so that we can ensure your gift is properly credited and acknowledged for tax purposes.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at 415-398-4404 or you can send an email to Vivien Trinh, Development Associate.

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