Gabriel Smalley's bio: Digital Campaign Strategist for the Forests team at Rainforest Action Network
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    I am on staff, this is a test signup.
  • Join the Palm Oil Action Team

    Thanks for your interest in taking action with RAN!

    We're looking for passionate activists to join our Palm Oil Action Team and take the lead to stop rainforest destruction caused by the snack food industry. Join the movement!

    What does it mean to be a Palm Oil Activist?

    • Be part of our core group of activists pressuring the biggest snack food companies in the US to cut rainforest destruction out of their products!
    • We'll email you with the newest actions to keep the pressure on the snack food industry.
    • Direct communication with RAN's National Organizing team when you sign up to participate in an action—we'll be here the whole way to support you, whether this is your first step into activism or if you are a seasoned activist.
    • Participate in group calls with other Palm Oil Activists from around the country to share organizing skills and action ideas!