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Featured Donor: Wendell Covalt

Since 1994, Wendell has donated over $6,000 to RAN—but Wendell’s support hasn’t stopped there. In a major milestone in the campaign to “Wake Up Weyerhaeuser,” Wendell helped convince fast-food chain In-N-Out Burger to cancel its contract with Weyerhaeuser until the logging giant publicly adopts a global policy to protect endangered forests and respect affected communities.

Activist Donor

I retired in 2006. Until then I was a sales executive for a computer software company, responsible for setting up distributorships and generating sales in the Pacific Rim from Korea & Japan in the North, to Australia & New Zealand in the South. I am married with three children and two grandchildren. I have a degree in Civil Engineering from Purdue University and a MBA in Finance from Indiana University. I worked in the computer software industry for the duration of my career and had many management positions in sales. Presently I enjoy going to a health center several times a week, doing martial arts, working in my garden, doing Yoga, managing my investments online, traveling the US and internationally, visiting parks, supporting the South Coast Botanical Gardens as a Trustee, and serving as the LA Area Coordinator for RAN.

Why I choose to donate to and volunteer for RAN

I donate to RAN because RAN is aggressive and successful in their work to protect our precious natural places such as old growth forests. Also important in my decision to continue to work with and support RAN, is that fact that they have been very effective for the size of the group, despite the fact that they challenge major corporations that are thousands of times larger than RAN and have budgets that far outweigh RAN’s yearly shoestring budget. They are able to be so effective because the people at RAN have high integrity, enthusiasm and dedication, which they use to focus on a few major environmental offenders and thus have been able to win many victories.

RAN’s campaigns are focused but also address a broad range of related issues that I care most about

Global warming concerns me very much because of the risk to the world and the difficultly of stopping it, as it has an accumulative effect. I appreciate that RAN has identified American and international automakers as one of the major contributors of the causes of global warming. Their work to convince automakers, through the Freedom from Oil campaign, to invest in hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles instead of pollution-creating fossil fuel cars is critical in halting the devastating effects of global warming. Specifically, RAN’s work through the Old Growth campaign to end destruction of our natural areas is very important to me. I began helping the Old Growth Campaign educate Los Angeles-area retailers about good wood alternatives to endangered forest products. Recently, I helped convince fast-food chain In-N-Out Burger to cancel its contract with Weyerhaeuser until the logging giant publicly adopts a global policy to protect endangered forests and respect affected communities. I am committed to this work because the devastation of old growth forests, particularly by large corporations like Weyerhaeuser and retail chains, needs to be stopped because they are not replaceable, the loss of species is irreversible, and because they are the most beautiful and sacred places on earth.

I have worked with and donated to RAN for years and will continue to do so well into the future

In 1990 I meet a RAN staff person that was handing out literature outside of Coit Tower in San Francisco. I was immediately drawn to the fact that they were working to protect the rainforests. Particularly impressive to me was the fact that they were going directly after the primary offenders, the corporations that provide consumers with products ripped from the rainforests. And it was also inspiring that their particular approach of markets campaigning has been successful. They are aggressive and willing to be bold to protect the world’s old growth forests. I get a great deal of personal satisfaction as a donor of RAN and as a market activist working directly with local companies to help support RAN's mission to campaign for the world’s endangered forests.

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