RAN's Climate and Energy Program & Strategy

In the 21st Century, we should not be using deadly and outdated technology to power our homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses. Extracting, burning and transporting fossil fuels all carry significant risks to our public health, to the climate and to those directly involved in these archaic industries.

From taking on the fossil fuel industry, to cutting off Wall Street financing for dirty energy projects, to creating a new way to think about a sustainable energy future, RAN fights alongside people directly impacted by dirty energy, challenging corporate power that place profits above people and planet.

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Banks and Climate

RAN is pushing the banking sector to cut financing to new and existing dirty energy projects, such as coal mining and coal fired power, as well as emphasizing the benefits of increasing funding to clean energy projects such as wind and solar. These technologies are ready right now to power our lives; all that we lack is the political will to make our clean energy future a reality.

Join our relentless fight to demand that Wall Street act responsibly to keep energy clean for our health and well-being. Keep fossil fuels in the ground, and stop poisoning communities in pursuit of gas, coal and oil.

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Keep it in the Ground

We cannot waste any more time not tackling climate change. That's why we are calling on the President to immediately cease all fossil fuel extraction on public land.

More than 25% of U.S. greenhouse gases come from fossil fuels extracted off of public land. And the U.S. is selling the rights to this land for pennies, allowing the richest companies in the world to get richer — and leaving us with an even greater disaster.

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The decision to stop the Keystone XL pipeline did not come from President Obama or the state department—it came from people power. The Keystone XL pipeline was stopped thanks to people like you who decided to take to the streets and say "enough is enough" when it comes to the selling of our future to the fossil fuel industry.

You can read more about the history of this fight, why tar sands oil is the dirtiest oil on the planet, and how RAN and countless other activists took on Big Oil, and won.

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Change the Course

Change the course: People-powered strategies for a stable climate aims to crowd-source a vision of a just and sustainable 2050. 

Through in-person workshops and online activities, the Change the Course campaign creates a picture of the future we need, and brainstorm the strategies that will get us there.

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Climate Action Fund

Since 1993, RAN"s Community Action Grants have distributed more than one million dollars in grants to more than 150 frontline communities, Indigenous-led organizations, and allies around the world.

The Climate Action Fund, CAF, provides grants to local groups tackling the root causes of climate change: the extraction and combustion of dirty fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

You can read about these incredible grantees and find out more about how you can directly support their critical work here.

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