2014 in Review: Goldman Sachs Sacks Coal Terminal Investment

Your voice was heard. For communities of the Pacific Northwest, 2014 started off with some good news. On January 7, Goldman Sachs sold off its share in SSA Marine, the corporation behind a colossal coal export terminal proposal near Bellingham, Washington that threatens to ruin the rich biodiversity and unique cultural legacy found in the region. If built, the Gateway Pacific Terminal at Cherry Point would be the largest proposed coal export terminal in the country, with up to 18 mile-long coal trains traveling through local communities every day and nearly 48 million...

2014: A Breakthrough Year for Protecting Global Forests

2014 will long stand out as a breakthrough moment in RAN’s history. This is the year when our long term work reached a turning point and began to achieve truly systemic change,  transforming the destructive way palm oil is produced, traded and sold worldwide.  We are always cautious and skeptical about corporate commitments, and in many ways the hard work of turning promises into action begins now, but it is fair to say that a new global benchmark has been set for responsible palm oil production in 2014. Significantly, all the major new policies secured this year...

The Palm Oil Revolution: Turning Promises Into Action

2014 will be remembered for growing waves of grassroots activism calling for “system change” across a range of urgent environmental and social justice challenges. For the globalized food industry, activism to hold corporations accountable for theConflict Palm Oil in their products has created a watershed moment, and provoked a “re-think” of business-as-usual among the world’s largest agribusiness trading companies - Significantly, this includes Cargill, which has seen one after another of their major food manufacturing clients demand a radical re-structuring of global supply chains to provide them with traceable, responsible palm oil. Communities on the frontlines in Indonesia,...

Fortune: Unilever, Cargill push to green their palm oil chain

"The RAN investigation implicated 40 palm oil growers operating in an Indonesia conservation area that his home to endangered orangutans as well as Sumatran tigers, rhinos and elephants. One major crude palm oil mill was caught sourcing from these growers and three large traders also sourced from them. “At the moment, there is no traceability at the plantation level in the global palm oil supply chain,” said Gemma Tillack, RAN’s agribusiness campaign director." READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

Publisher's Weekly: Asia Pulp and Paper Tries to Recast Its Image

'The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) has been one of APP’s most vocal critics. Lafcadio Cortesi, of RAN, said that though APP has made important improvements in its environmental and social commitments, “It still has a long way to go.” He noted that APP has stopped clearing and using natural rain forests for pulp and paper, even putting additional staff and systems in place to implement reforms, but it has yet to address ongoing land conflicts and the harmful legacy of past operations. “The willingness to undertake reform that senior management has displayed has, in many cases, yet to be reflected in the field,” Cortesi said. “Given APP’s history of broken commitments and the enormity of the challenges that still remain, the company must verify that substantial changes have indeed taken place on the ground in order to avoid its products being considered controversial and high risk in the marketplace.”'

Palm Giant Musim Mas Commits to Stop Trafficking Conflict Palm Oil

Rainforest Action Network says real action now needed to truly halt deforestation in supply chain FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, December 4, 2014 CONTACT: Laurel Sutherlin, (U.S. +1.415.246.0161) San Francisco, CA - Rainforest Action Network (RAN) responded today to the...

Forests and Finance: New Cash for Conflict Palm Oil

RAN briefing finds pending $900 million deal threatens forests, peatlands and communities across Indonesia. Indonesian palm oil firm BW Plantation (BWPT) approved last week a USD $900 million share rights offering in a bid to finance its merger with Green Eagle Holdings (GEH)....

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