Why We Are Blocking the Office of Harvard's President

Posted by Rainforest Action Network 04/30/14

Co-authored by Sima Atri, Benjamin Franta, Sidni Frederick, Ted Hamilton, Jacob Lipton, Chloe Maxmin, Brett Roche, Kelsey Skaggs, Henney Sullivan, Tyler VanValkenburg, Jacob Lipton, Zoë Onion, Olivia Kivel, and Canyon Woodward on behalf of Divest Harvard. This op-ed originally appeared on Stacy Clark's blog on Huffington Post. This morning we began blocking the main entrance to Massachusetts Hall, which houses the office of Harvard University President Drew Faust and other top administrators. We are here to demand an open and transparent dialogue with the Harvard Corporation—Harvard's main governing body—on fossil fuel divestment. To date, President Faust and Harvard University have rejected the case for divestment and refused to engage in public dialogue about divestment and climate change. Alongside the 72% of Harvard undergraduates and 67% of Harvard Law students, as well as the students, faculty, and alumni of Divest...   Read more

RAN Welcomes APP’s Commitment to Restore One Million Hectares of Rainforest

Posted by 04/28/14

New commitment ‘requires further specifics and is fraught with challenges’San Francisco, CA – Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), Indonesia's largest pulp and paper company and a long-time target of Rainforest Action Network (RAN), today committed to protect and restore a million hectares of forest across Indonesia. Responding to today’s announcement, Lafcadio Cortesi of Rainforest Action Network issued the following statement. “Asia Pulp and Paper’s (APP) commitment to restore and support the conservation of one million hectares (2.4 million acres) puts the company on ambitious new ground. With its commitment to restore and conserve one million hectares in high value rainforest and peatland landscapes, ensure restoration efforts will respect affected communities’ right to give or withhold their free, prior and informed consent and involve stakeholders as an integral part of the process, APP is going beyond what any of its peers have done in Indonesia and perhaps internationally. When implemented, the...   Read more

Guest Blog: Rudi Putra, Winner of the 2014 Goldman Prize for Forest Protection in Indonesia

Posted by 04/28/14

The message below comes to you from Rudi Putra, a longtime ally and hero of RAN’s and winner of the 2014 Goldman Environmental Prize—the world’s most prestigious award for grassroots environmental activism. My name is Rudi and I feel like the luckiest person alive. I grew up in a place teeming with wild orangutans, elephants, tigers, sunbears and Sumatran rhinos. My family and I lived in balance with the mountains, forests and rivers surrounding us. From an early age, I knew I had to take care of the beauty that surrounded me. But as huge multi-national companies expand their reach and palm plantations spread, I know that I can't protect these pristine places alone. That’s why I’m asking you to join me in telling...   Read more

Why Join Me To Protect Our Climate? Because It’s Worth It!

Posted by Rainforest Action Network 04/22/14

This op-ed by actor Chris Noth was originally printed in Metro on Monday, April 21. I'm not too big to admit that climate change terrifies me. These days, I've had to wonder whether our atmosphere will withstand what we're pumping into it, whether the natural systems that we’ve relied on to sustain life on this planet will keep working into my son’s generation and into his children’s generations beyond that. What frightens me most is not the science it’s political inaction. The world's scientists have said that we have a finite amount of time to save our climate, and yet we still don’t have the political will we need for massive action. So what do we do? That's my question every time I read another piece of bad news. Should we all plant trees, recycle, what does the regular consumer do? Our individual actions...  Read more

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