Fortune: Unilever, Cargill push to green their palm oil chain

"The RAN investigation implicated 40 palm oil growers operating in an Indonesia conservation area that his home to endangered orangutans as well as Sumatran tigers, rhinos and elephants. One major crude palm oil mill was caught sourcing from these growers and three large traders also sourced from them. “At the moment, there is no traceability at the plantation level in the global palm oil supply chain,” said Gemma Tillack, RAN’s agribusiness campaign director." READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

Publisher's Weekly: Asia Pulp and Paper Tries to Recast Its Image

'The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) has been one of APP’s most vocal critics. Lafcadio Cortesi, of RAN, said that though APP has made important improvements in its environmental and social commitments, “It still has a long way to go.” He noted that APP has stopped clearing and using natural rain forests for pulp and paper, even putting additional staff and systems in place to implement reforms, but it has yet to address ongoing land conflicts and the harmful legacy of past operations. “The willingness to undertake reform that senior management has displayed has, in many cases, yet to be reflected...

COP 20: Will climate commitments be enough to protect the Peruvian Amazon?

  Indigenous Peoples + Territorial Rights = Living Forests! Hundreds of indigenous peoples and their allies to create a human banner parallel to the UN COP20 climate summit to demonstrate the importance of guaranteeing territorial rights in addressing climate change. ©Amazon Watch / Spectral Q — in Lima, Peru. Political leaders from around the world and thousands of government officials, scientists and lobbyists are meeting this week in the Peruvian capital of Lima to discuss solutions for the global climate crisis. One of their priorities is the conservation of natural forests. Forest ecosystems play an important role for the climate, water cycles and soil protection. Trees and soil store enormous amounts of carbon, and up to 20% of yearly greenhouse gas emissions are the result of deforestation. But not far away from...

Palm Giant Musim Mas Commits to Stop Trafficking Conflict Palm Oil

Rainforest Action Network says real action now needed to truly halt deforestation in supply chain FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, December 4, 2014 CONTACT: Laurel Sutherlin, (U.S. +1.415.246.0161) San Francisco, CA - Rainforest Action Network (RAN) responded today to the new palm oil commitment released by Musim Mas Group by calling on the company to turn its new pledge into real action by demanding that all of its suppliers halt deforestation immediately.   Musim Mas’ close connection to Conflict Palm Oil was recently exposed in a report released by RAN titled,The Last Place on EarthExposing the Threats to the Leuser Ecosystem: A Global Biodiversity Hotspot Deserving Protection. “The Leuser Ecosystem is one of the world’s most richly biodiverse landscapes and the source of food, water and livelihoods for millions of people. But the fate of this crown jewel of Indonesia - home...

Controversial Palm Oil Stock Offering Hides Serious Environmental, Financial Risks

Indonesian firm BW Plantation’s (BWPT) $900M share rights offering rife with concerns over labour rights, wildlife and deforestation.  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Laurel Sutherlin, 415.246.0161, Indonesian palm oil firm BW Plantation (BWPT) approved last week a USD $900 million share rights offering in a bid to finance its merger with Green Eagle Holdings (GEH). New stock not purchased by existing shareholders will be traded on the Jakarta Stock Exchange (IDX) from Monday December 8. Already lagging behind its competitors who have committed to zero deforestation policies, BWPT has failed to declare to investors the serious environmental, social and financial risks involved with deforesting and planting over its massive new land bank. Rainforest Action Network (RAN) has published an in-depth backgrounder/briefing document titled Conflict Palm Oil Case Study PT BW Plantation (BWPT) $900 Million Stock Offer Warning: Investors Need Greater Disclosure of Environmental, Social and Legal...

Forests and Finance: New Cash for Conflict Palm Oil

RAN briefing finds pending $900 million deal threatens forests, peatlands and communities across Indonesia. Indonesian palm oil firm BW Plantation (BWPT) approved last week a USD $900 million share rights offering in a bid to finance its merger with Green Eagle Holdings (GEH)....


BUY NOTHING, skip the #BlackFriday madness and take a stand.

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