RAN Responds to Proposed Federal Carbon Pollution Standards

Posted by 06/02/14

On Monday, June 2, the Environmental Protection Agency announced new carbon pollution standards for power plants, the centerpiece of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan. Rainforest Action Network’s Climate Program Director, Amanda Starbuck, issued the following statement: We welcome the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to limit carbon pollution from power plants. Power plants are the single largest source of carbon pollution in the United States. Setting the first-ever federal limits on carbon pollution is an essential and long overdue step to address global warming. Communities across the nation are already seeing and feeling the impacts of global warming, from increased health risks like asthma attacks and lung disease, to devastating extreme weather events like Superstorm Sandy and wildfires across the American West. The science is clear: inaction will only increase these deadly and costly threats. This is exactly why communities from Chicago to North Carolina, from New England to New Mexico,...   Read more

Coal is Poisoning the Cape Fear River

Posted by 05/29/14

This month, Rainforest Action Network and three allies testified at Bank of America's annual shareholder meeting, urging them to drop coal, to stop profiting from environmental destruction and human rights abuses. We're posting the statements of our three allies. Add your voice by telling Bank of America to stop funding coal—and come clean on climate change.  My name is Kemp Burdette. I am the Cape Fear Riverkeeper. I was born and raised along the Cape Fear River in southeastern North Carolina. I want to describe to you the impacts that coal is having on the Cape Fear River, because Bank of America's financing of the coal industry, and specifically Duke Energy, is supporting the contamination of groundwater, the fouling of rivers, and the poisoning of drinking water supplies for nearly a million people in the Cape Fear watershed alone. Across North Carolina, the problem is even worse. Read more

Demand BLM Protect Chaco's Sacred Sites From Fracking

Posted by 05/24/14

New Mexico’s beautiful Chaco Canyon region is home to ancient ruins that are sacred to the Pueblo and Navajo people. Now, the government wants to let fossil fuel companies frack millions of acres of land in the area—putting this priceless cultural heritage at grave risk. The next four days are a crucial window to tell the Bureau of Land Management that's unacceptable. Send a message: don’t frack near Chaco Canyon! More than a thousand years ago, Chaco Canyon was the spiritual, economic and political center of a vast civilization that stretched across much of the American southwest. Without modern tools or wheels, the ancient Anasazi people built huge ceremonial Great Houses in and around Chaco Canyon and connected them to spiritually significant places with massive roads, astonishingly straight and as wide as two-lane highways. Chacoan civilization left no written texts, so these feats of architecture and engineering are...   Read more

Keystone XL: Where Things Stand

Posted by 05/24/14

It's been one month since the climate movement won a significant delay on the Keystone XL pipeline. Since then, the oil industry and their political and media backers have gotten...   Read more

Global Day of Action Targets Conflict Palm Oil; Activists Say PepsiCo’s New Commitment ‘Falls Short’

Posted by 05/20/14

Hundreds of events across the world call on PepsiCo and others to break ties to deforestation, human rights abuses and climate pollution **High Resolution Images Available*** For Chicago Sweets and Snacks Expo banner, see here. For San Francisco and other global images, see here. (TYPE: "ranguest" for access) CONTACT: Laurel Sutherlin, 415.246.0161 Chicago, IL – Furthering a trend of growing public outcry against the use of palm oil connected to rainforest destruction and human rights violations, thousands of people today participated in over one hundred colorful, coordinated demonstrations around the world. People gathered on college campuses, beaches, public squares and multiple PepsiCo factories to send a common message: “PepsiCo, the Power is #InYourPalm to eliminate Conflict Palm Oil.” “The level of enthusiasm to eliminate Conflict Palm Oil by people all across the world has just skyrocketed,” said Rainforest Action Network forest campaigner Gemma Tillack. “From the rainforests of Indonesia and...  Read more

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