Posted by Rainforest Action Network 04/24/14

Truck carrying raw logs in Myanmar. Photo courtesy of the EIA. The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has released a shocking new report, Data Corruption: Exposing the true scale of logging in Myanmar, detailing pervasive illegality and controversy connected with forestry in Myanmar. Based on forestry and trade data, the report...   Read more

Posted by Rainforest Action Network 04/22/14

This op-ed by actor Chris Noth was originally printed in Metro on Monday, April 21. I'm not too big to admit that climate change terrifies me. These days, I've had to wonder whether our atmosphere will withstand what we're pumping into it, whether the natural systems that we’ve relied on to sustain life on...   Read more

Posted by Rainforest Action Network 04/21/14

This week marks an exciting turning point in the ambitious international effort to eliminate Conflict Palm Oil connected to rainforest destruction, human rights abuses and climate pollution from our food supply. Thanks to the hard work and consumer pressure created by RAN supporters and our allies - that’s you,...   Read more

Posted by Rainforest Action Network 04/21/14

This year’s grades for the banks that finance the worst coal companies are in, and they’re not pretty. Financing companies that use mountaintop removal (MTR) coal mining practices puts communities, the environment, and bank shareholders at risk. But last year, several banks continued to hand billions of dollars to top producers of mountaintop removal coal--earning themselves a big fat failing...   Read more

Posted by Rainforest Action Network 04/18/14

If you've been glued to the emerging news on the Keystone XL pipeline like the RAN team has today then you already know that a final decision on this disastrous extreme energy project has been further delayed. Today, the Obama administration extended the review period on the pipeline to ostensibly give agencies more time to provide feedback. You're going to...   Read more

Posted by Rainforest Action Network 04/17/14

For the first time since we began publishing coal finance report cards five years ago, we have an encouraging trend to report: Major banks have begun making noise about the growing financial risk associated with climate change—and specifically associated with coal, the top global...   Read more

Posted by 04/14/14

The campaign to stop the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline has become a watershed moment in confronting climate change and fossil fuel extraction. So far, more than 94,000 people have signed the Pledge of Resistance, committing to risk arrest, if necessary, to stop the approval of Keystone XL. Since last summer, I’ve been part...   Read more

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