Tweet to protect the Great Barrier Reef

The U.S. government’s Export-Import Bank wants to finance a huge coal project that would put Australia’s Great Barrier Reef at risk. We are calling on Fred Hochberg, Chair of the Export-Import Bank, to stop the destruction.Click the links below to send a tweet and take action: .@fredhochberg, will @EximBankUS damage the #GreatBarrierReef by funding Abbot Point coal port expansion? #savethereef .@fredhochberg Hi Fred! Will @EximBankUS be financing Adani's coal export terminal in the Great Barrier Reef? #savethereef .@fredhochberg don’t let @EximBankUS fund #GreatBarrierReef destruction! #savethereef

  • 03/31/15
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  • New RAN fracking policy

    Rainforest Action Network supports a ban (1) on hydraulic fracturing (2) for oil and gas. The best available research indicates that a ban on fracking, along with other measures to keep fossil fuels in the ground, is necessary to keep climate change at or below 2C degrees of warming. RAN is committed to working toward a 2C target, as a matter of necessity and of justice. In addition to the climate imperative, RAN supports a ban on fracking given the very strong preliminary research on fracking’s acute public health and environmental impacts, and the lack of long-term research available. Lastly, RAN supports a ban on fracking on the principle of community rights. Across the globe, people have taken on a multi-billion dollar industry to stop the encroachment of fracking into their communities. RAN stands in solidarity with communities everywhere fighting fracking.   References: - COMPENDIUM OF SCIENTIFIC, MEDICAL,...

    Brutal Murder in APP Plantation

    Underlines the need to understand and address severe land conflicts and the disconnect between policy commitments and real change on the ground. Last Friday afternoon, February 27th, Indra Pelani, a 22 year-old from Lubuk Mandarsah village, Nick Karim from Simpang Niam...

    Guest Blog: Patrick Robbins, Sane Energy Project

    The message below comes to you from Patrick Robbins, an ally and activist working to promote wind power for Long Island's energy future for the following petition. Sometimes you have a choice that’s just a no-brainer....

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