From the Field: Online Petitions and Indigenous Resistance

In this era of clicktavism, it can be incredibly hard to understand the impact that signing an online petition can have. It feels like our support disappears into the ether – sometimes landing on the ears of people who are ready to make changes, sometimes not. But, when those petitions are directly in support of specific communities and their struggles, those signatures can have a direct, and powerful, impact.

Coal Finance Case Study: Putting Communities and a World Heritage Site at Risk for a New Power Plant

    As part of RAN's work to call on banks to commit to the Paris Pledge and end financing for coal and coal-fired power prior to the Paris climate summit this year, we'll be highlighting case studies of destructive coal projects around the world. This case study, authored by Greig Aitken from BankTrack highlights the Rampal coal plant planned for Bangladesh, which would have devastating impacts on communities, a World Heritage-listed mangrove forest, and the climate. Just last month, three of France’s largest banks (BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole, and Société Génerale) committed to refrain from financing...

Systems Change, Rainforests, and Racism

“What Does ______ Have to Do with Rainforests?!”This week, RAN posted a message of support on Facebook about the courageous civil disobedience by Bree Newsome in South Carolina. And, as a testament to the social justice leanings of our community, our post was met with predominant support. Post by rainforestactionnetwork.However, there was also the de rigeur Internet Indignance. “Why is an environmental group talking about ____?” “What does this have to do with rainforests?!!” “You no longer have my support!” We always expect these responses. Yet when we touch on issues involving race in the United States, those responses always seem a little louder. And a lot uglier.Systems Change: It’s What We DoOf course, Rainforest Action Network is no stranger to civil disobedience or controversy. For 30 years, one of RAN’s core advocacy strategies has been to challenge corporate power and systems...

Conflict Palm Oil Demonstration at Nissin Foods US Headquarters

Nissin Foods is one of the Snack Food 20 companies in RAN’s Conflict Palm Oil Campaign, and is lagging far behind the rest of the group with a weak palm oil commitment that relies solely on the inadequate Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification system and lacks requirements for suppliers to end destruction of rainforests, peatlands and abuse of human and labor rights. We were headed to their offices to make sure that our campaign demands were seen and heard by the folks who work at the there.

Photo Blog: Journey to the Incense Forests

One of my favorite parts of my job is the time I spend visiting communities at the frontlines of the forest movement. These are the people I find the most inspiring – the people who not only go to their rice, or coffee, or rubber fields everyday, but also spend their nights in meetings, their few spare hours in protest. These are the people who face threats of violence – or death – from the companies and their henchmen. They are the one who spend a substantial portion of their incomes on transportation to the cities, where they hold protests and meet with decision makers.

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