The Tar Sands Healing Walk: A Photo-Diary

Posted by 07/07/14

Last week, a team of RAN staff travelled to Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada to participate in the Tar Sands Healing Walk, which is organized and hosted by members of the local First Nations Communities.  Walking amidst the Tar Sands destruction was a humbling and powerful experience. We are putting together a series of blogs to share our impressions and reflections. This, our first one, is a photo-diary of the walk. 1. Grand Chief Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Derek Nepinak, Chief Allan Adam and Grand Chief Philip Stewart addressed the walkers at the beginning of our day. Each spoke about the importance of protecting land for future generations and the impacts that Tar Sands mining is having on First Nations Communities in Canada. 2. Aboriginal elders led procession under a banner reading “Stop the Destruction Start the Healing”. Along...   Read more

Eight Mountain Fighters Jailed After Taking Action Against Coal Company

Posted by 06/26/14

"If it was easy they wouldn't call it 'struggle.'" —Old anarchist saying Not long ago, before fracking, before Keystone XL, the environmental issue in the headlines was mountaintop removal coal mining in central Appalachia. Mountaintop removal is a horrible practice where coal companies literally explode the tops off of mountains with the same chemical concoction that Tim McVeigh used in Oklahoma City. The companies then push the debris of fallen trees and blasted rock into Appalachia's streams and rivers. Then, the industry "cleans" the coal in nearby processing plants putting the waste into "sludge ponds" leaving billions of gallons of coal sludge around the region. Not only are the forests, mountains and animals living on them devastated by the practice, but people living near the mine sites are exposed to air and water...   Read more

Canada Approves Northern Gateway Pipeline, Opponents Vow Fierce Resistance

Posted by 06/19/14

"We will defend our territories whatever the costs may be." — Alliance of 31 First Nations This week, despite broad public opposition, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper approved Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline. The Northern Gateway pipeline, seen as a backup option to the Keystone XL pipeline that is currently mired down in a political quagmire in the U.S., would ship 500,000 barrels of bitumen a day through British Columbia to the Pacific coast. The approval sparked loud protest from First Nations groups and environmentalists. Opposition to Enbridge has already been heightened in British Columbia and with the Harper government’s announcement, opponents took to the streets of Vancouver and promised fierce resistance to the pipeline. First Nations groups in Canada, which have long fought...   Read more

Communities Speak Out Against Coal Plants

Posted by 06/02/14

This morning, the EPA announced limits on carbon pollution from power plants. That's a welcome step in fighting climate change—and it wouldn't have happened without communities speaking out against coal plants. Here at RAN, we're proud of the role our network of friends and activists has played in building pressure over the last several years. Stop TXU! Activists stage protests against financial institutions linked to Texas utility company TXU’s controversial plans to build 11 new coal-fired power plants as part of an expansion strategy that would make it the single largest corporate greenhouse gas emitter in the Unites States. Winter 2007. Photo: Andrew Stern.   University of Kentucky Fossil Fools Day. Students raise a wind turbine atop a coal mound as part of an action...  Read more

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