Stroller Brigade: Mothers Call on PepsiCo CEO To Act on Climate Change

Posted by 09/09/14

  Do you read the ingredients of everything your child eats? I try to. As a mom, grocery shopping is no simple task. I'm constantly reading labels, on the hunt for nasty additives that could harm my one year old's health. Is the can my coconut milk is packaged in BPA-free? Refined sugar in his granola bars? Pesticides on his blueberries? The list goes on. Since palm oil has become one of those nasty additives in everything, often disguised by complex ingredient names, I've been on a mission to educate other parents about Conflict Palm Oil: what it's in, why it's so bad for our planet and our health, and how we can use our powerful voice as parents to get it...   Read more

Part 2: Dissolving pulp and fashion

Posted by 09/08/14

As the lavish display of Fall Fashion Week gets under way in New York City, Rainforest Action Network (RAN) is announcing Out of Fashion: a campaign for forest friendly fabric. “Out of Fashion” is our latest major effort to preserve the world’s endangered forests and we need your help to win. Add your voice here. With this campaign, RAN is bringing attention to a growing global threat to forests, animals and Indigenous communities -- a threat that has been hiding in plain sight for years: dissolving pulp.  Dissolving pulp is a highly influential commodity in today’s marketplace. And the increased demand for this product is accelerating deforestation and exacerbating human rights abuses across the globe.   Big name fashion brands are complicit in the pulping of pristine forests -- seizing Indigenous land, driving species loss, and threatening the climate -- all to manufacture a product that...   Read more

Join Rainforest Action Network at the People’s Climate March

Posted by 09/06/14

On September 23, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will convene a summit of global politicians and emitters to discuss climate change in the lead up to the U.N. climate talks in 2015 in Paris. On Sunday the 21st, a diverse coalition of groups has called for the largest climate march in North American history to send a message to those global leaders that business as usual is not enough. Rainforest Action Network will be at the People's Climate March with an important message: You can't fight climate change without challenging corporate power.  RAN has a 29 year history of running hard-hitting campaigns against a rogue's gallery of climate criminals: the worst logging, fossil fuel extraction and finance companies on the planet. From Wall Street banks funding tar sands and coal to global forest destroyers like...   Read more

Toba Pulp Lestari: In depth on one of the worst actors in pulp and paper

Posted by 08/19/14

Indonesian pulp and paper giant Toba Pulp Lestari has been operating recklessly in North Sumatra for years. The company's mill has been poisoning communities and disrupting life and livelihoods for the local people who call this area home. The mill, and it’s operators, are responsible for horrific land conflicts between the company and villagers who hold traditional land rights to the company’s concessions. These communities, whose land is protected by customary rights under Indonesian law, rely on these forests for their life and livelihoods. As reported by RAN’s on-the-ground partner, Kelompok Studi dan Pengembangan Prakarsa Masyarakat, well over 17,000 hectares of natural forest have been destroyed, impacting or displacing over 13,000 Indigenous people.These communities are fighting back, and at least 59 activists have been arrested for resisting Toba Pulp Lestari’s continued expansion and destruction. In the past few years, land conflict has only escalated between villagers and Toba Pulp...  Read more

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