Stop the fossil fuel industry's vision of the future

Today, we’re launching a new project to envision a climate-stable future — and brainstorm the strategies to make that vision a reality. Will you help us Change the Course? Today, the climate movement is full of unprecedented energy and momentum. Together, we’re marching in the streets and working to shift our institutions away from fossil fuels. We’re fighting coal exports, fracking, oil trains, and dirty energy in our communities. And, of course, we’re ready to engage in...

Bulldozers in the Leuser Ecosystem

A new report proves that a Conflict Palm Oil producer, which supplies palm oil to giants Musim Mas and Wilmar, has bulldozed forests that provide a critical corridor for elephants living in the lowland forests of the Leuser ecosystem in Sumatra, Indonesia.

New RSPO+ Voluntary Addendum Falls Short

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) announced today that it is working on a set of additional guidelines on deforestation, peatland development and Indigenous Peoples’ rights that its grower members can voluntarily apply to their plantations. However, these voluntary new guidelines, called RSPO+, will not apply to all members and do not aim to address the other weaknesses of the RSPO system, such as its auditing, accountability and enforcement mechanisms.

Leaders Take Quaker Week of Action Coast to Coast

In late March, 17 passionate activists from around the US met in Point Reyes, CA with RAN staff for the Palm Oil Action Leaders Summit, 4 days of intensive training on organizing and creative direct action planning. These inspiring folks now make up the powerful Palm Oil Action Leaders Team and have committed to taking the skills that they gained at the summit back to their hometowns. They are taking matters into their own hands by organizing and educating their community members to pressure the snack food companies using Conflict Palm Oil. The Palm Oil Action Leaders are a diverse crew of folks, unified by their passion for stopping the destruction caused by Conflict Palm Oil. Some are seasoned activists, and others first time organizers, they range in age from 70 to 12 years old, and are based all across the country, from Boston, to the Twin Cities,...

BREAKING: Bank of America dumps coal mining

After years of pressure on Bank of America, they just announced a new coal mining policy: “Our new policy … reflects our decision to continue to reduce our credit exposure over time to the coal mining sector globally.”1 Translation: Bank of America is dumping coal mining! This is a huge moment. Bank of America has gone from being the top bankroller of coal to having the strongest global coal mining policy of any major global bank. It’s the result of years of hard-hitting campaigning by RAN, our many front-line allies — and by you and all of RAN’s supporters in this fight. So, thank you for everything you’ve done. Now, we have to hold Bank of America to its word by rigorously monitoring their implementation of this policy. And second, we have to push other banks to meet or...

Bank of America Campaign Timeline

Bank of America has gone from being the top bankroller of coal to having the strongest global coal mining policy of any major global bank. That's the result of years of hard-hitting campaigning by Rainforest Action Network (RAN), our many front-line allies — and...

BREAKING: Bank of America dumps coal mining in sweeping new policy

Bank once labeled “Bank of Coal” announces broad commitment scaling down financial involvement in coal mining globally Charlotte, NC—Bank of America unveiled a new global coal mining policy today committing to reduce exposure to coal mining companies across the board. Bank...

Don't Let Big Food Prevail Over Science

Who will win the battle for 2015 Dietary Guidelines that benefit our planet and our health -- Science or Big Food's profit-driven special interests?

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