RAN30: 30 Years of Preserving Rainforests

Rainforest Action Network has been campaigning to save rainforests for 30 years. In 1998, RAN was in the midst of one of their first major campaigns to drive products made from old growth wood out of the marketplace. In 1999, RAN won one of its earliest major victories: Home Depot, the single largest retailer of wood in the world, agreed to end its sales of wood from endangered forests. Home Depot controlled close to 10 percent...

Taking Back Our Power

Electric utilities aren’t moving as fast as we need them to in phasing out fossil fuel use. Even when almost nine out of ten Americans say that renewable energy is important to America’s energy future, utilities are building and expanding plants to burn more fossil fuels. Why don’t they listen? Turns out, they don’t entirely need to. Utility companies are traditionally natural monopolies in the communities they serve, so they’re not afraid of losing customers. Plus, private utilities have a lot of money — which means enormous amounts of lobbying power to fight for the status quo (read:...

Who Needs to "Fear the Walking Dead" When California Has Its Own Climate Apocalypse?

“The world runs on fossil fuel. I mean, how stupid is that?” — Dr. Edwin Jenner, The Walking Dead (Season 1, Episode 6) Apocalypse (a·poc·a·lypse) (/əˈpäkəˌlips/), noun.   “An event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale.” “Fear the Walking Dead” kicked off with a bang last month as the zombie apocalypse from the popular cable television series spreads through Los Angeles bringing the sprawling metropolis to an undead standstill.    Dark and desperate end of the world sagas have long fascinated humankind. Following that trend, AMC’s The Walking Dead has become a cultural phenomenon, and the highest rated basic cable show of all time.  Set in in modern times, Robert Kirkman’s popular graphic novels, and now television shows, depict “survival horror” with a fearless band of survivors fighting their way through the hordes of “the walking dead” as well as other bands of human survivors....

RAN30: 30 Years of Direct Action!

Later this year, Rainforest Action Network will be celebrating our 30th anniversary -- that means 30 years of preserving rainforests, 30 years of protecting the climate, 30 years of defending human rights. It also means 30 years of direct action -- taking the fight for people and the planet directly to corporations and banks that need to be held accountable for their actions. RAN developed this unique -- and highly effective -- brand of corporate campaigns to not simply change the practices of single businesses, but to create systemic change throughout entire industrial sectors. In September 1986, RAN dropped the first of our many banners as we launched into a long history of peaceful direct actions. You can read more below in this archival article from RAN's Art Director Toben Dilworth: Since its founding, Rainforest Action Network has worked to redefine globalization in terms of sustainability. A hallmark of...

Making Sure Michael Kors Gets Your Message

Michael Kors is one of the Fashion 15 companies failing to eliminate ties to deforestation and human rights abuses. The company has returned letters, and has even blocked activist emails.

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Tell big banks: Don’t cash in on Coal India

In the next week, Coal India, the world’s biggest coal company, is trying to cash in with a big share offering — despite a long record of appalling human rights and environmental abuses. Tell U.S. banks: Don’t touch Coal India’s share offering with a...

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