Mothers Know Best. Why Palm Oil Needs to be Dropped From Baby Formula

Posted by 08/06/14

  The front cover article of July’s Today’s Dietitian, titled Substituting Palm Oil for Trans Fat: Is Palm Oil a Good Alternative for Human Health and the Environment?, provides a wonderful summary of the unintended consequences of the FDA’s proposal to ban trans fat. Surely we all agree that banning trans fat is a huge win for public health, but what happens when food companies replace bad with worse? The Other Problem With Palm Oil… You see, there is something that palm oil companies don’t want you to know: an FDA ban on trans fats could lead to a repeat of the same problem that arose eight years ago when the FDA mandated the labeling of trans fats. Food manufacturers raced to eliminate trans fats from their products and began substituting them with palm oil. That mandate led to a...   Read more

You Did It! No U.S. Tax Dollars for Dirty Coal Plants Abroad!

Posted by 08/01/14

We did it! We’ve won the first round in a fight against using U.S. tax dollars to finance the dirtiest coal projects around the world, thanks to an outpouring of opposition from environmental activists, including RAN members. West Virginia Senator and “mouthpiece for the coal industry” Joe Manchin had sought to include a giveaway to Big Coal in legislation reauthorizing the federal Export-Import Bank. But Manchin backed down in the face of mounting pressure earlier this week, instead introducing a “clean” bill without the coal industry goodies. This is big step in the right direction. Pushing public banks to scale back funding for coal is critical to Rainforest Action Network’s long-term goal of preventing the entire financial sector from bankrolling climate chaos. Public sector financing is one of the few areas on climate where the...   Read more

The Coal Industry is Getting Desperate

Posted by 08/01/14

The coal industry’s mouthpieces in Washington are getting desperate. This week, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) had this to say about the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed carbon pollution standards for power plants: “You talk about terrorism — you can do it in a lot of different ways.”1 Here’s a good rule of thumb in political debate: when someone invokes terrorism out of the blue, you know they’ve lost the argument.   Because the environmental movement has it right — pollution from coal-fired power plants kills communities and cooks our climate. That’s why the EPA’s long-overdue carbon standards, announced last month, are so important. This new rule is a welcome step, but we need more. Tell the EPA to strengthen its limits on carbon pollution from power plants. We already limit...   Read more

RAN's Pictures of the Month: July

Posted by 08/01/14

July was another busy month over at RAN's Facebook page! Here's a look at the month's most popular pictures. 3. The Bronze Panther for Third Most Popular Picture...   Read more

Cargill Releases New Commitment to Fix Its Conflict Palm Oil Problem; Rainforest Action Network Says Crucial Details Still Missing

Posted by 07/29/14

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday July 29 2014 ***High resolution images available Contact: Laurel Sutherlin, 415.246.0161 Following years of campaigning by Rainforest Action Network (RAN) and others, agribusiness giant pledges to take more responsibility for the impact of its palm oil business, but key elements needed to achieve truly responsible palm oil remain absent. San Francisco, CA – Responding to mounting pressure from large corporate customers, global consumers and environmental and social justice organizations, Cargill announced new environmental and social commitments today that signal a potentially significant shift in direction for its palm oil business and more widely for the industry overall. Cargill has stated its intention to eliminate palm oil in its supply chain associated with deforestation, degradation of carbon-rich peatlands or failure to protect Indigenous and other human and worker rights.   Cargill is the largest importer of palm oil into the United States. Palm oil...  Read more

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