OfficeMax and Grand & Toy day of action - more pictures!

Its the day after RAN's OfficeMax and Grand & Toy day of action, yesterday OfficeMax and Grand & Toy locations across the United States and Canada heard hundreds of activists demand that the stores publicly support a moratorium in Grassy Narrows. Here are a few of the latest updates: In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 25 people came out in -40 Celsius weather to support Grassy Narrows. Activists also signed letters that they plan to send to OfficeMax CEO Sam Duncan. In Toronto, Ontario Ryerson University's Journalists for Human Rights chapter hosted a great action and sent this...

OfficeMax: Support the Moratorium in Grassy Narrows!

Reports from activists about their OfficeMax and Grand & Toy protests today are trickling in. It was a frigid and blustery day for a day of action, but people came out in force to demand that OfficeMax and Grand & Toy publicly support a moratorium in Grassy Narrows. In Milwaukee, activists braved -3 degree Fahrenheit temperatures to pay a visit to their local OfficeMax. After flyering both inside of the store, and right outside the main entrance (and getting kicked out of both locations) they took this picture of themselves: The shot...

Where is the action in Honolulu?

I’m in Honolulu this week, joining local organizers and activists outside the Major Economies Meeting (MEM) at the East-West Center on UH-Manoa’s campus. The 16 biggest carbon-emitting nations are here at President Bush’s request to discuss “Energy Security and Climate Change,” but the meetings are closed to the public, and hopes are not high that anything substantial will come out of these talks. As a matter of fact, this Major Economies Meeting is seen by many as the Bush administration’s diversion from any substantive...

All Eyes on OfficeMax and Grand&Toy

Reports and pictures are just starting to roll in from the dozens of actions at OfficeMax and Grand & Toy locations throughout the US and Canada. Early this morning, Activists in Toronto locked themselves to the Headquarters of Grand & Toy for the better part of an hour somehow negotiating their way out with no arrests! Read the story from Canadian press and check out the photos. In Waterloo, Ontario activists with AW@L set up a teepee reading “Native Rights Now” on the lawn of the Grand &Toy distribution centre and constructed a faux clear-cut (see photos and video from the event). More than a dozen from Free the Planet at Ohio State University donned caribou antlers and migrated to the campus OfficeMax store. The group is pushing the University...

How Do They Do That? RAN NYC Sneaks Into Another Banker's Meeting

This morning, three RAN NYC activists snuck into Citi's Financial Investor's Conference in New York City's Waldorf Astoria. Despite the Waldorf's reputation for screening party crashers, one environmentally-minded conference goer managed to get in to Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis's presentation. The room was standing room only (I guess investors want to hear about Bank of America's plan for the current credit crisis) and activists distributed and left flyers around the conference. Other activists also communicated with Citi employees about their displeasure about Citi's funding of coal fired climate chaos. The power-holders on Wall Street are increasingly being scrutinized for their economic and environmental shortcomings. Hopefully, more activists around the country will take more initiative like this and join bankers and corporations at these events to ask hard questions and hold them accountable.

Tonight in SF--Food, Fuel, and La Via Campesina Global Struggle for Land Reform

Tonight at the Women's Building, RAN, along with co-sponsors Grassroots International, Food First, California Food and Justice Coalition, Amazon Watch, Friends of the MST, and Global Exchange are hosting Rafael Alegria, former executive secretary of Via Campesina. Via Campesina is an international network that represents over 100 million small producers around the world, and is one of the strongest movements today advocating for food sovereignty. This evening Rafael Alegria will be speaking on the subject of "Food, Fuel and La Via Campesina Struggle for Land Reform", highlighting the increasing global demand for agrofuels and the impact on the world's small farmers. The event starts at 7pm and is at the Women's Building in San Francisco. The address is: 3453 18th Street. Download the flyer here.

Direct Action to Stop the War

The fifth anniversary of the war is fast approaching. That's five years of senseless violence, torture, death and destruction initiated by our government. Trillions of dollars have been wasted, over 600,000 Iraqis killed and almost 4,000 American service people killed in a war based on...

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