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RAN's Pictures of the Month: July

Posted by Jake Conroy

July was another busy month over at RAN's Facebook page! Here's a look at the month's most popular pictures. 1. And the Gold Panther for Most Popular Picture goes to ...  ... Thomas Edison! This picture definitely stirred up some controversy over his business practices, and his treatment of Nicola Tesla—but he was right about the potential of solar power.  2. And the Silver Panther for Second Most Popular Picture goes to ...   ... the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., reminding us what Independence Day really means.  3. And the Bronze Panther for Third Most Popular Picture goes to ...  ... these adorable (and threatened) orangutans. Tell the Snack Food 20 to cut conflict palm oil, not rainforests: Read more

Posted by Gabriel Smalley 08/01/14

Following the Global Day of Action to Cut Conflict Palm Oil, PepsiCo responded by announcing a Forestry Stewardship Policy and Palm Oil Commitment. Unfortunately, neither of these new promises are strong enough to guarantee that Pepsi’s use of palm oil is not driving destruction. Instead of cutting Conflict Palm Oil from its products, PepsiCo continues to push its darkly ironic #LiveForNow campaign. PepsiCo is telling people not to worry about climate change, the fate of the last wild orangutans and children that are forced to work in slave-like conditions on oil palm plantations and just #LiveForNow! PepsiCo is pushing its #LiveForNow propaganda...   Read more

Ryan's World

Posted by Ben Collins 07/25/14

In late June, a team of RAN staff travelled to Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada to participate in the Tar Sands Healing Walk, which is organized and hosted by members of the local First Nations Communities. Walking amidst the...   Read more

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