Systems Change, Rainforests, and Racism

“What Does ______ Have to Do with Rainforests?!”This week, RAN posted a message of support on Facebook about the courageous civil disobedience by Bree Newsome in South Carolina. And, as a testament to the social justice leanings of our community, our post was met with predominant support. Post by rainforestactionnetwork.However, there was also the de rigeur Internet Indignance. “Why is an environmental group talking about ____?” “What does this have to do with rainforests?!!” “You no longer have my support!” We always expect these responses. Yet when we touch on issues involving...

Conflict Palm Oil Demonstration at Nissin Foods US Headquarters

Nissin Foods is one of the Snack Food 20 companies in RAN’s Conflict Palm Oil Campaign, and is lagging far behind the rest of the group with a weak palm oil commitment that relies solely on the inadequate Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification system and lacks requirements for suppliers to end destruction of rainforests, peatlands and abuse of human and labor rights. We were headed to their offices to make sure that our campaign demands were seen and heard by the folks who work at the there.

Fresh Protest Brings Deforestation, Human Rights Concerns to Ralph Lauren Store

Demonstrators gathered outside SF storefront after recent Corporate Citizenship Report ignores major human rights and environmental risks in company’s fabric supply chain FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ***High-res Images available, here. CONTACT: Emma Rae Lierley, 425.281.1989, San Francisco, CA – Activists gathered today outside of a San Francisco Ralph Lauren store, calling on the fashion giant to do more to cut deforestation and human rights abuses from its supply chain. Creating a festive event by handing out balloons to passersby printed with a brand jam of the company’s iconic logo turned into a saw blade, today’s event was one more action in a growing consumer-driven movement against controversial fabrics like rayon and viscose. Tens of thousands of American shoppers have directly contacted Ralph Lauren to call attention to the disastrous environmental and social impacts of forest-sourced fabrics and to ask the company to...

Conflict Palm Oil In An Instant: Activists Call On Instant Noodle Giant to Clean Up Its Supply Chain

Protesters gather outside corporate headquarters in wake of recent report calling out popular instant noodle companies as ‘worst performing’ laggards among the ‘Snack Food 20’ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ***High-res Images available, here. CONTACT: Emma Rae Lierley, 425.281.1989, Emma@ran. San Francisco, CA – Today, activists took action outside of Nissin Foods Holdings’ corporate office in Los Angeles, California, sending a direct communication to the instant noodle giant that it must do more to cut Conflict Palm Oil from its supply chain. Today’s event at Nissin Foods is one more action in a growing consumer-driven movement against the controversial ingredient, as more and more American’s call attention to the disastrous environmental and social impacts of Conflict Palm Oil. Rainforest Action Network (RAN) recently released a new progress report, titled Testing Commitments to Cut Conflict Palm Oil, ranking the relative strength of palm oil commitments made since the...

Over 670,000 call on Ex-Im Bank to reject controversial Australian coal project

Abbot Point coal export terminal would harm Great Barrier Reef, worsen global climate change Photos from today’s petition delivery: Washington, D.C.—Activists from a coalition of environmental groups delivered over 670,000 petition signatures to the U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank) today to...

Photo Blog: Journey to the Incense Forests

One of my favorite parts of my job is the time I spend visiting communities at the frontlines of the forest movement. These are the people I find the most inspiring – the people who not only go to their rice, or coffee, or rubber fields everyday, but also spend their nights in meetings, their few spare hours in protest. These are the people who face threats of violence – or death – from the companies and their henchmen. They are the one who spend a substantial portion of their incomes on transportation to the cities, where they hold protests and meet with decision makers.

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