Tell KLK to Leave Collingwood Bay Now!

Posted by 10/22/14

This guest blog has been authored by Lester Seri of Collingwood Bay, Papua New Guinea. He is one of many local residents fiercely resisting KLK's attempted landgrab of the community's forests.   My name is Lester Seri, and I am a Maisin landowner in Collingwood Bay, Papua New Guinea. I come from the Wofun Clan, belonging to the Wo Ari Kawo tribe, and I have been mandated by the Wo Ari Kawo Elders to speak on behalf of them on Tribal land matters. I am writing to you today because the people of Collingwood Bay urgently need you to support our struggle.  My people - the Maisin people - along with our neighboring communities in Collingwood Bay have been fighting to protect our customary lands from illegal land grabs for logging and palm oil development for...   Read more

Big Fashion Put on Notice for Forest Destruction

Posted by 10/20/14

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, October 20th, 2014   ***Interviews and high-resolution images available   CONTACT: Laurel Sutherlin, 415.246.0161   Big Fashion Put on Notice for its Role in Forest Destruction, Rights Abuses; Activists to Place ‘Warning Labels’ on Offending Brands Rayon and other fabrics commonly used by the ‘Fashion Fifteen’ brands are made from dissolving pulp tied to deforestation, says Rainforest Action Network   San Francisco, CA – Major fashion brands are grinding up forests to make the clothes American’s wear everyday? It sounds crazy, but it’s true. While very few people have even heard of dissolving pulp, it is the primary ingredient in rayon and other common fabrics, and forest advocates say it is a growing threat to forests around the world.   Rainforest Action Network (RAN) has launched the Out of Fashion campaign, which calls on major fashion brands, dubbed the ‘Fashion Fifteen,’ to commit to...   Read more

Naming Names: Forest Destroyers for Clothing

Posted by 10/16/14

A few weeks ago, RAN announced its newest campaign, Out of Fashion, a campaign for forest-friendly fabric. Currently, some of the biggest names in fashion are responsible for the pulping of pristine forests for clothing. The destruction of these forests creates a ripple effect: human rights abuses, land grabbing, habitat and biodiversity loss, climate disruption and toxics pollution. Dissolving pulp, which is spun into thread and woven into fabric, appears on clothing racks as rayon, viscose, Tencel, lyocell, and modal.  RAN is working to expose this destructive practice, and transform the supply chains of some of the most popular brands and we need your help. Are you in for a little guerrilla activism? Sign up here for your (free) stickering kit and take action to eliminate forest destruction in our clothing.  We know that it’s possible for companies to change and avoid this...   Read more

One Step Closer: Saving the Leuser Ecosystem

Posted by 10/02/14

This week an important milestone was reached in the effort to save portions of the precious Leuser Ecosytsem in Indonesia. Covering over 6 million acres of intact lowland and mountainous rainforests The Leuser is considered by many scientists and conservationists to be among the most important forests left in Southeast Asia.  It is home to the densest population of orangutans left anywhere, and is the last place on earth where orangutans, tigers, elephants, rhinos and sun bears share the same habitat. This fragile and irreplaceable ecosystem and the extraordinary life it supports are imminently threatened by industrial development. One of the biggest threats has been the expansion of illegal palm oil plantations within the boundaries of the Leuser Protected Ecosystem. However, local organizations and communities have been fighting back by working to physically remove 25,000 acres of illegal plantations from within the boundaries of Leuser. The...  Read more

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